About us

The creative office aDesign , was founded in 2007 in Patras by Apostolos Kontodimas and Anthi Chatzimitsou, when they decided after their studies in interior architecture and industrial design, to combine their abilities and their vision.

The office has developed over the years and has been enriched with experience and specialized partners, realizing projects throughout Greece and abroad .

Their portofolio includes projects of shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, houses and flats renovations, and also residences from scratch .

Our identity

Is our work. We serve design and aesthetics combined with ergonomics and utility in all our projects. To us designing a piece of furniture is as important as designing a whole building. Every project, regardless of its size and volume, in order to be completed and serve its purpose, must have a beginning, a process, and an ending.

Our philosophy

Is to deal with every space, as a unique challenge, always in pursuit of new ideas and solutions in order to reach the most desirable result. We pinpoint the diversity in every space taking into account each customers identity.

Our purpose

Is a dynamic approach to design, that suits the new lifestyle, so as to provide a better quality of life. Space is a human extension, it transforms along with the needs, the beliefs, the emotions. Le Corbusier believed that “architecture is life”.